Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Car Buying in Connecticut just got Innovative

Connecticut is often called the “Land of Steady Habits”. Habits are good because they bring discipline in life. But, for a car buyer, habits often become the cause of unaffordable purchase. Most car shoppers in Connecticut rely on the good old neighborhood dealerships. But, that’s where they go wrong. Dealers have so many overhead costs like advertising, marketing, salaries, rentals, etc. that add up in your car cost. You certainly don’t want to spend your money on these things, right What should you do

Here’s your answer.

Look for Innovative Ways to find that Perfect Car

• Dealer Demos

If you don’t want to go away from your dealer and you like the comfort of walking down to his lot and inspecting vehicles, this is your go-to option. Dealer demos are demonstrator vehicles that have been used for test-drives. As new cars are launched constantly, customers want to test-drive on newer models. This means dealers cannot use older models for test-drives. They pretty much discard the vehicle when it is still new. Buying such a vehicle is a good choice because you get a car that almost new and costs several hundred dollars less than a new car.

• Government Auctions

The United States General Services Administration (GSA) buys vehicle and leases them to other federal agencies. After the completion of lease agreement which is 3-5 years, GSA sells these automobiles. This is one of the safest options to buy a car because such vehicles have been driven for lesser miles and are in excellent condition.

• Online Shopping

You buy everything online then why not cars Today, buying a car via internet is very common. You can search for a used car or buy a new car easily. And, the best thing about the web is that it gives you ample time to compare the prices and take a perfect decision. Another important benefit is that most car sellers are individuals who don’t spend money on advertisement and salaries (like dealers). This helps them in providing cars at lower costs.

You can use sites like cars.com, carsdirect.com, ebay.com, etc. for making an online car purchase.

So, next time you think of buying a car, be innovative. Be adventurous and do explore options other than the dealer.

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